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Wet basement? Rotting wood and water stains below basement windows?
Cracks on exterior walls? Crumbling parging?

We are a full service company that offers years of masonry experience, coupled with an understanding of how a foundation and entire house should work as a system. We can make minor repairs now, before they become major structural issues. We can offer suggestions on how to better protect your home from the damaging effect of water intrusion. Or, if the damage is already done we can help you rebuild your foundation and your peace of mind.

  • Our Services Include
  • Small Excavations
  • Waterproofing
  • Damproofing
  • Polyurethane Injections
  • Crack Repairs
  • Weeping TIle
  • Parging & Pointing
  • Porch Restorations
  • Window Wells
  • Foundation Wall Openings
  • Flagstone Walkways
  • Basement Lowering
  • Basement Underpinning